5 Marketing Strategies that are Improving Your Digital Presence

5 Marketing Strategies that are Improving Your Digital Presence

Written by

Julian Millard

Posted on February 13, 2021

In today’s day and age, social media platforms and a rising shift towards e-commerce have provided business owners with a range of opportunities to connect with their consumers digitally. However, due to the tough competition online, one has to try and build a strong digital presence so they can engage and attract their customers before other businesses.

This can happen with the help of effective marketing strategies. As a business owner, you should come up with ways to generate high traffic and an increase in lead conversions. Sometimes, this can be slightly tricky. In fact, according to a report, around 63 percent business owners struggle with the creation of successful digital marketing strategies.

If you are looking to overcome all the challenges and improve your digital presence, here are a few techniques for marketing that work.

1. Integrate Social Media Pages

Before you even start with any digital presence campaign, take a look at your branding materials. If by now you haven’t got an identity design then get one immediately by using any online marketing logo creator. Make sure it’s attractive and compelling in terms of conveying your message at a glance. Then comes the real work.

Sometimes, brand owners can have different personal and professional accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. By integrating these and creating one relatable and authentic page that potential and existing customers can view, you can make a stronger impact with your digital presence.

Look at it this way. When the audience have to split their time looking through different social media profiles of a brand, they might find it inconvenient and move on to another option. It’s why quite a few businesses have already used this strategy to gain an advantage in the market. Brands such as Alice and Olivia, Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham are some examples.

The founder or owners of these companies interact with their consumers on a personal level and share insights about their lives as well on their accounts.

2. Focus on Mobile Marketing

With smartphones users expected to rise to around 3.8 billion in 2021, most of your target audience could be found on mobile devices. This means that you can effectively reach out to them and improve your digital presence by making your website or e-commerce platform mobile-friendly.

In mobile marketing, you can engage consumers through smartphones and tablets, and make use of e-mail marketing, text messages, social media and even your own business applications. All of this can help you appear better than your competitors and attract more customers too.

If you think about it, brands such as Nike, ZARA and McDonald’s not only have websites that are very engaging and mobile-friendly but also interactive apps. Due to their strong digital presence on various platforms, their consumer base keeps on expanding and they benefit from higher sales.

3. Set Up Blogs and E-Mail Lists

With high quality content, you can not only market your products and services effectively but also make a lasting impression with your digital presence. You can invest in various blogs giving out information, reviewing products or special offers.

By integrating your website or landing page link within the blogs, you might be able to reach out to your target market quickly and convert more leads. According to a study, bloggers and business owners who engage their audience with blogs have a 13 times higher chance of getting a positive return.

Similarly, email lists are also incredibly effective for creating awareness. When businesses send out newsletters and emails about their launch, products, holiday deals or discounts as seen below, they are more likely to attract the attention of the consumer. It will also help people become familiar with the brand.

4. Make Engaging Videos

Video marketing is on the rise and has helped around 86% of business owners and marketers generate high traffic to their web pages. Explainer videos, short advertisements and product reviews can actually go a long way in improving your digital presence.

You may be able to engage a wider target audience on various platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or even TikTok. All of these networks have channels or options where you can easily create videos and share them with the consumers.

Brands like Benefit Cosmetics and Tiffany & Co. are already making use of Instagram Live, IGTV and create Facebook ads to engage their target audience effectively.

5. Get Listings for Credibility

This could be very useful for your digital presence as a listing from a platform such as Google or Bing might be able to boost your credibility. In local searches, listings are effective for generating high traffic and increasing the ranking of a business on a search engine.

So you can get your business listed on Google My Business or a Yelp certification which may help you appear authentic and reliable to potential customers. This could be a useful marketing technique to strengthen your digital presence and stand out in a competitive market, especially if you are working with an Irish SEO company.

To Sum Up

These marketing strategies have and continue to pay for businesses looking to improve their digital presence. You can also successfully use them make an impact in the digital world and help your business grow.

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