625.59% Increase in Revenue in 12 Months


Increase in revenue in 12 months


Increase in organic traffic


Keywords on page 1 of Google in 12 months



Our client, an online Italian food store, is a large e-commerce company serving customers in Europe and the US. Founded by Italian immigrants who wanted to bring “real” Italian taste to Italian cuisines to the general market. After several years of being in the business, it became a very reputable distributor of Italian products in the US.

Their business model revolved purely around online sales, therefore online marketing was key to their overall success. While many e-commerce companies throw more money into paid customer acquisition, the client recognised a huge opportunity in organic acquisition via SEO. With our help they crushed it.


The Challenge

When our client approached us, they already had a well established website that generated sales, however SEO efforts (if any) had been done internally and they knew there was an opportunity to increase traffic and revenue. In general, their most important website keywords had ranked on the second and third pages of Google, and as statistics showed, not many people would scroll down that far!

Key problems:

  • Weak mobile optimisation
  • Inconsistent website structure
  • Thin and un-optimised category & product pages


Our Approach

A key concern of our client was a high bounce rate, something difficult to control. We needed to provide a number of recommendations which would encourage visitors to spend more time on the website. Some of our improvements included:

  • Implementation of in-browser notifications
  • Advanced search feature
  • Blog improvement
  • Introduced a newsletter subscription feature

After tackling all the UX issues across the website we moved on to the on-page optimisation stage of the campaign. By studying search volumes and data from direct competitors we were able to provide comprehensive recommendations on the optimisation product and category pages for primary and secondary keyword themes. This included improving product descriptions, titles and other page content such as reviews.

SEO is a long term commitment, so we also launched Google Ads campaign which helped us gather valuable customer data, and also push more traffic to our website.

In an effort to improve the click through rate of the website, we implemented Schema Markup on various category and product pages, in particular the “Reviews” markup which opened up the opportunity for Google to display the “star ratings” snippet alongside those search results.

Once the website was optimised and everyone was happy we proceeded to the next stage of the campaign and began a large scale link building campaign in order to improve the website’s online authority. By implementing a variety of different techniques like getting featured on relevant niche websites, through blogger outreach we were able to amass quality backlinks to the site and as a bonus, build a loyal following.



As a result of our efforts we observed a smooth growth in organic traffic to our client’s website, and this metric continued to grow even when we hit the global pandemic in February-March 2020. By comparing organic traffic from 2019 to 2020 there was an increase of over 155% with 95 keywords ranking in top ten positions in Google search results.

After working on this campaign alongside our client, we are proud of the results that we have seen. A key tangible indicator of our campaign’s success is an increase in revenue by over 625%!

Out of the 500 keywords that we eventually ranked for, 50 were in a top 3 position, 45 in positions 4-10, and 175 keywords took spots in positions 21-50.


Key Takeaways

In this case study, the results really do speak for themselves. We aspire to service clients of all sizes as we are a strong believer of building a partnership with our clients. We grow, when you grow. When we partner with a company that we believe in, we offer scaled down and tailored packages to help facilitate the company’s foundation. With no-lock in contracts we are able to offer these clients the best recommended strategy on a month to month basis. This allows us to capitalise on peak periods and scale down if there are any budget restrictions.

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