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Print Ready: 30 High-Conversion Keywords Ranking in Top 3


Increase in organic clicks, in 9 months


Increase in high quality backlinks, in 9 months


High-conversion keywords ranking in top 3 of Google search results



Print Ready is a big player in the printing industry capitalising on their 20 years of experience in the field to provide their customers with a range of printing solutions, from business cards and invoice books, to memorial cards. They are renowned for their high quality of service as well as the unique ability to perfectly adapt to any residential or commercial need.

The partnership we have with Print Ready dates back to April 2021, where we signed our intial contract for the provision of our SEO "Starter" package in order to help them get their "SEO–feet" off the ground during total lockdown. We offered a cost-effective package that would ensure an increase in rankings for high-conversion terms, so that they could continue to invest in online marketing and grow their business. Over the past 9 months, Print Ready has grown exponentially and as such we have grown with them, providing a powerful and effective SEO solution that plays into their digital marketing strategy.


The Challenge

Despite their wide range of products, great customer reviews and a prestine level of service, the client found that they were missing out on a huge audience, online, searching for their products. As other competitors in the space began heavily investing into online marketing, in particular SEO & Google Ads, Print Ready noticed that their profile was starting to fall behind in comparison.

COVID restrictions would eventially pass and so it was vital that they act fast and so they decided to pursue SEO in the midst of the pandemic. This is why Print Ready partnered with Aspire Media. We delivered a custom SEO solution, geared towards achieving their goals - better search rankings, more organic traffic, more clients, and a strong digital presense to back their authority in the industry.

Some key problems were:

  • The website was not optimised for search engines or users
  • Not enough online leads to support their business development
  • Looking to grow their online presence to support offline reputation
  • Poor search engine visibility translating to low website traffic
  • Big industry competitors growing fast


Our Approach

Our first priority was to provide as much value as possible, a strategy to prove that SEO can bring tangible conversions for the team at Print Ready. Our SEO Experts thoroughly investigated the keyword opportunities that were being left out by competitors which we could take advantage of in our on-page and off-page strategies. We looked for terms that, perhaps even had a low monthly search volume, but identified that the website visitor was in fact ready to convert into a customer.

As a result, we began bringing in leads for these crucial keywords which in turn translated into more enquiries for the business. As the return on investment in SEO was clearly aparent, the team at Print Ready didn’t have any issues increasing their SEM budget resulting in a further acceleration of growth, particularly in the last few months.

Strategy & Execution:

  • Comprehensive SEO audit to uncover key opportunities
  • High quality link building to boost website authority and visibility
  • Full onsite SEO strategy to align website with the most profitable and relevant keywords



When our team took up the project, there were no keywords ranking on page 1 of Google, and the website didn’t seem to be optimised for any particular terms. After completing on-page optimisation, and introducing fresh content, our targeted keywords began to noticeably improve their organic positions. Since launching the SEO campaign 9 months ago, 30 high-conversion keywords are ranking in top 3 spots, and a further 50+ keywords are ranking on the first page of Google search results.

Our team were able to provide tangible results, and a steady rate of organic growth for the client. In the space of 9 months we generated 2,746 unique users, a 285% increase (from 964 when we initially started working).

As soon as our long-tail keywords began to rank high, we began focusing on terms with a bigger monthly search volume. This was one of the reasons how we were able to pull in a 420% growth of organic clicks, and continued to improve at a steady rate, targeting more & more general keywords.


Key Takeaways

We aspire to service clients of all sizes as we are a strong believer of building a partnership with our clients. We grow, when you grow. When we partner with a company that we believe in, we offer scaled down and tailored packages to help facilitate the company’s foundation. With no-lock in contracts we are able to offer these clients the best recommended strategy on a month to month basis. This allows us to capitalise on peak periods and scale down if there are any budget restrictions.

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