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You have likely landed on this page from doing a Google search for “SEO in Cork”, “SEO Agency in Cork”, “Cork SEO Services”, or something similar. Super. This is exactly the proof we need to show you that SEO works, and that we are experts at it. We understand that you are here not only in the hopes of improving your search rankings, but also to attract new clients and expand your business.

Did you know that over 70% of users never go further than the first page of search results. Only 16% browse the second or third page! If your business isn’t listed within the first few results - you are losing to your competitors every day. Because users usually turn to the businesses that care and work for their internet marketing. You cannot sell anything if nobody can find your website using your niche’s search queries.

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Imagine that you own a high end clothing store located in the center of a large city. Working seven days a week including holidays, you get tonnes of store traffic every day, fashionistas coming from all around the country to visit your shop. Your business is successful and you make good money.

Now imagine that your website is the store, and the internet is a densely populated and large scale city. To make your website “the best store in town” you need SEO - a monthly investment with potential to bring a large flow of new customers and steady business growth. Without optimising your website for search engines, your Cork business will be more or less invisible online.

Our Cork SEO agency's mission is to help your business attract new customers on the internet. We look past rankings and focus on what it takes to help businesses like yours grow.

A few companies we've helped with SEO...

Our Own Rankings Speak For Themselves

Here at First Aid Direct we have been working with Michael and his team at Aspire Media for a number of months now. Very helpful and a pleasure to deal with . Look forward to continue our working relationship. Thanks.

David O'Connor,
First Aid Direct

Aspire Media are a team of consummate professionals and have diligently worked to help my company achieve my business targeted results. The campaign has worked out really well I'm already seeing results after 3 months! Thank you Michael & his team for an amazing job.

Matthew Hegarty

I've worked with Aspire for over 6 months now and these are the results so far. From the beginning, they set realistic goals and timelineс for when we could see an increase in rankings, traffic and leads. I receive a clear SEO report at the end of each month where I can easily monitor my progress. After 6 months the team increased my website's traffic from zero to 200 organic monthly visits and ranked a number of keywords on the top of Google search. Outstanding results, definitely the best SEO company in Dublin!

Eoghan Flynn,
Motor Buyer

We have been working with the guys in Aspire for over a year now and they have dramatically improved our online position. Due to their work, we have generated new leads, new sales and have built up a whole new customer base. They said at the start to trust the process and they were right. They are a pleasure to work with, they know their stuff and they are fair and transparent with their fees. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to climb up the rankings.

Gary Bermingham,
Print Ready

Great experience with this agency, worked on SEO for me for several sites. Saw huge increases in rank for relevant keywords we targeted. Good communication and consulting provided also.

Philip Smith,
Ashfield College


Increased Quality Traffic

Top positions in search results collect the most impressions and clicks, which is why ranking here has huge potential to increase your website’s traffic numbers. One of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation is the creation of relevant and informative titles and descriptions which are displayed on search results pages. Optimising tags and descriptions can contribute to your click rates and the increase in qualified website traffic.

High ROI & Conversions

SEO allows you to track quantifiable results, regardless of whether you are promoting an eCommerce or non-eCommerce website, therefore there is no doubt that ROI can be calculated. For eCommerce sites, our SEO agency can analyse and track your customers’ paths that led to a purchasing decision, even identifying the search query that they found you by. For non-eCommerce websites you may attribute values to the conversion of potential clients, for example by the rate of contact form fill-outs.


SEO Marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies to take up, as it connects your website with users that are actively searching for your products or services online. Although tactics like cold-calling or cold-emailing may still be effective, these leads are known to cost 61% more than those acquired through an inbound strategy like SEO. On top of this, SEO traffic is more qualified than other marketing strategies which results in cost savings in the long run.

Brand Awareness

Being on the first page has its perks. Not only does it help tie your brand to the keywords that you rank for, but also emanates trustworthiness because listings on the first page have conquered Google’s algorithm, a.k.a have gained its trust. The more search terms your website ranks high for, the higher chance searchers will discover your content and associate it with your brand.

Cork SEO Services

Local SEO

Increase exposure and trust towards your brand on a local level with the help of our Cork local SEO services. Our SEO team has extensive experience in successfully managing many campaigns. For a maximised result our specialists meticulously optimised local keywords, and through a custom build local strategy we can achieve effective results for your business.

eCommerce SEO

Our SEO company in Cork has years of experience successfully competing in some of the most challenging niches. In addition to applying traditional SEO strategies, we also optimize your product listings to increase your site’s visibility, and trust towards your brand. It’s time to finally reach your sales goals and boost your ROI.

New website SEO

You've been working with a team of web designers, developers and content writers, and just launched the website of your dreams! But what do you do, when you want more people to find it online, and on top of that, have it generate revenue for your business? One of the best solutions you can apply is SEO marketing. SEO guarantees that people will find your website on search engines, and potentially become your clients.

Discover the power of SEO with Aspire

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SEO Cork: Our First Page Ranking Process


SEO Audit

Every search engine campaign starts with a comprehensive audit. At this early stage we take a look at your stats, analysing ranked keywords, competitors and the general quality of your website. The results of this audit will become the foundation upon which your strategy will be developed.

A thorough audit is important for the success of any SEO campaign, and the key is to see past the obvious details. Our approach focuses on the things that matter - the factors that will make a positive impact on your rankings as early as possible.

Competitors Analysis

The next set of tasks relate to your competitors. Our goal here is to identify the reasons why search engines have chosen to reward top ranking websites, and to discover to what extent these websites’ content respond to user requests. We also analyse your competitors’ backlink profiles to find links that they have already acquired, and brainstorm ideas to get similar links, as well as find opportunities for more, better ones in order to eventually outperform them.



Keyword Research

When our SEO specialists analyse your keywords (such as 'SEO Cork'), we will also look to identify additional and relevant 'long-tail keywords' that could be more straightforward search terms to target (such as 'Search Engine Optimisation Agency in Cork' / 'SEO Agencies in Cork'). The premise behind this is that while we are working towards ranking for the main keywords ('SEO Cork'), we are also bringing relevant search traffic into your sales funnel and generating a quicker return on your search marketing spend.

Initial Strategy

Once our audit is complete, and we have the full picture of your current situation, one of our SEO experts begins working on your strategy - the plan of action which will bring your business most success. In a nutshell our strategy focuses on bridging the gap between you and your competitors for highly competitive key phrases in your niche and establishing a dominant position of your brand on Google. This stage of the process is crucial for the success of the forthcoming campaign. By determining your strengths and weaknesses we can mould the plan of action and start generating organic traffic for your website as quickly as possible.



Technical Optimization

The general technical condition of your website is an important factor in today’s search algorithm updates. Page errors, broken links and slow loading times could negatively affect your website’s search rankings. At our Cork SEO company, we have a team of highly skilled programmers and developers who will work side by side with our SEO specialists to ensure that your website functions well in the eyes of search engine crawlers. We resolve any website errors and regularly monitor its performance.

On-Page Optimization

During this stage we prepare a comprehensive list of recommendations for your website. We analyse site structure, keyword density, and advise you on page titles, descriptions and many other variables. After approval of these recommendations we move forward and implement the changes on your website, in turn solidifying your expertise for the given topic in the eyes of search engines.



Content Plan Development

At Aspire Media, we are all about workflow organisation, which is why we feel that any task should be planned ahead of time and thought through correctly. The creation of a content plan is a vital part of the SEO campaign which guarantees that content will be ready for publishing at the right time. We plan all content tasks in advance, taking into account your goals and the specifics of your business.


Landing pages creation

In most cases we will implement all the required changes relating to web development including creating landing pages catered towards ranking your website for target keywords in the future.

Content generation

You will be working closely with our highly professional content creators and copywriters who have tonnes of experience in creating unique content across all industries. We take it upon ourselves to create exactly the type of keyword optimised content that your website needs to improve its reputation on the web and start driving organic traffic.



Outreach Based Acquisition

It is a well known fact that one of the fundamental ranking factors on Google is the number of “backlinks” that your website accumulates. This is why link building is one of the most important strategies in search engine optimization. Our Cork SEO agency utilises an effective, outreach-driven tactic during which we send out article offers to niche websites in the hopes of acquiring quality backlinks.

Ongoing Link Building Campaign

There are a number of sustainable strategies for building links that we employ at Aspire Media. Common methods often include writing for other sites (guest posting), discovering broken links around the internet, or ‘skyscraping’ competitors’ content by writing a new and improved piece and replacing their link with yours.

Additionally we receive regular updates from a network consisting of over 10 000 members of media companies who actively seek article collaborations and are likely to give credit for valuable insights.




We truly believe that transparency and accountability to the client are integral mechanisms of any SEO campaign working. That is why we have developed a system allowing us to analyse the progress of your campaign taking into account many factors such as keyword positions, backlink status, indexation, Google Analytics, SSL certificate status, on-page errors, load speed issues, and 24/7 response code monitoring etc.


This is where we stand out from other SEO agencies. One problem that we have come across as an SEO agency is the fact that apart from content changes or on-page optimisations, a lot of the work we carry out is done under the hood & unnoticed therefore it is in our interest to give you as much visibility as possible.

We prepare a monthly SEO report to ensure that both you and us remain on the same page when it comes to the progress of your SEO campaign and the tasks that we work on.




SEO is a dynamic process requiring constant modifications & touch-ups. We are constatly on the watch for any algorithm updates and emerging trends, and manipulate our strategies to stay relevant. By placing your trust in our SEO team you will receive all the necessary adjustments and can rest assured knowing that your online presence and reputation is in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation is the foundation of all marketing channels, which not only brings your site to the top 10 in search results, but also ensures that your website is conversion optimised through complex analysis of its usability and user-friendliness. Without SEO, advertising is less effective and in some cases fails to work altogether!

Bringing your website to the top means increased traffic, and consequently new potential leads for your business. You cannot buy ranking positions (we are not talking about Google PPC ads here), they are only achieved through the hard of improving your website and building an authority on the internet. Improving usability for potential buyers & implementing modern standards will allow Google to fully appreciate your efforts and push ahead of the competition. The primary goal is obviously new clients, and statistically SEO is known to become a reliable marketing channel within 8-12 months.

Are you aware of the scope of work that needs to be handled in order to bring your website to the top? Optimisation, copywriting, website development, design, analytics, and content publishing. Covering all these areas requires between 6 - 10 professionals who will complete their work on time and with expertise. Could 1 person combine and produce all these tasks? No - you can be a professional at one line of work or ineffective at all of them. If you are interested in results - a team of specialists is the way to go.

We get asked this regularly! If your website had ranked well in the past and suddenly began flailing, then your business may be affected especially if it is primarily based online. Unfortunately there does not exist a simple answer, as there could be a wide number of factors at play. Some common reasons could be hard working competitors who have managed to outrank you, lack of fresh new content from your end, or technical issues on your website that Google has deemed damaging for your reputation. The best thing to do here is to reach out to our SEO company in Cork for an audit and identify a more accurate reason behind your ranking plummets.

It is difficult to provide an exact answer to this question - there are many factors at play. Let us schedule a strategy session where our team will be ready to discuss any your expectations, KPI`s, performance incentives and what we can guarantee for you.

Yes, we work across the whole of Ireland: Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Belfast