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Nowadays, Internet users expect instant gratification when searching for goods or services online. Imagine that your target audience is searching on Google for information that is relevant to your business. They discover many other businesses’ websites in the search results - your competitors, who likely match their needs. If your website content has not been optimised according to Google’s Ranking Factors, your potential customers will not find your business online.

In today’s world, people are unlikely to explore further than the first page of search results. Therefore, if you are not on the first page, your business is practically invisible. As a top SEO company in Dublin, we understand that this can be a problem and offer effective SEO solutions for companies that want to win. If your website is not living up to your desired business goals, then it might be time to take a closer look at our proven SEO strategies and partner with a Dublin SEO agency like Aspire Media!

SEO Case Study

102% increase in organic website traffic within first 6 months

In 6 months of work, we increased the organic search traffic to 2.2K per month.
There are a few conclusions you can draw from this growth pattern:

  • Growing organic search traffic takes a long time
  • If you quit early, you will never see the fruits of your labor
Organic seo growth results

What Are the Benefits of SEO?

SEO services are beneficial for any business, regardless of it's size and niche.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

New businesses that have just launched their new website can benefit from SEO by focusing on creating quality informational content on topics related to their business niche. Informative content that outlines solutions to common issues their target audience may be faced with has the potential to attract organic traffic to new websites.

Local Area Businesses

Local businesses such as plumbers, accountants, real estate agents, jewellers, or dentists can utilise Local SEO to increase their visibility on Google Maps Search. By taking advantage of Local SEO, searchers will see their business at the top of Maps search results - and gain a position ahead of their competitors for local queries.

Medium-Sized Businesses and Enterprise-Level Businesses

Medium and Enterprise-level businesses can benefit from a combination of Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing to improve their brand visibility. Established websites receive a fresh wave of content and aim to increase rankings for existing keywords. Through quality SEO, business owners can have an easier time tracking the sales funnel: customers can progress from "Awareness" to "Interest", onto "Desire" and then to a final action or "Purchase", in doing so increasing lead generation or sales.

Online Shops and Stores

It is currently a great time to develop an online business and sell your products or services on your website. eCommerce SEO services can increase organic traffic and consequentially bring sales to the business.

Dublin based SEO agency offering results-driven services

Local SEO

Have you ever though about what it takes to outrank your competitors on Local Search? If you want to take leading positions on Google Maps, and attract new customers to your local business, it’s time to consider Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Essentially any business can benefit from Local SEO services, as long as it has a fixed location on the map.

Every day, more and more users are looking for businesses in their local vicinity - but not many business are taking local SEO seriously enough. A good local presence can help increase the visibility of your brand, attract new visitors and most importantly - convert those visitors into sales.

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eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can take on to improve your eCommerce store sales. By taking up a high position in search results, more people are likely to find your store and the products that you sell. Using our eCommerce SEO services and experienced team, your website will grow to rank for common queries that are used by your target audience.

Aspire Media can help you determine & configure your target, optimise your website and carry out a targeted link building campaign to increase your authority on Google. Through our tactics, more qualified leads will be clicking through your products and in turn increase your conversion rate & sales.

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New Website SEO

You’ve just launched your new website and are ready to welcome crowds of new clients. But if no one can find it, how will they know what you are offering? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best methods that will guarantee your website will be discovered by your target audience. In fact, a superior SEO strategy may very well be more effective for your business’s success than the best looking website in world.

Bear in mind, however, that search engine marketing is not an overnight success - and requires time & lots of hard work in order to see results. But don’t let that discourage you - the results will definitely be worth it.

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SEO Dublin: Our First Page Ranking Process



Before we jump in and begin our battle for the first page, as your search engine optimisation company we must first understand your needs, demands and expectations. To properly obtain and organise this data we must analyse your industry, and get you to fill out our detailed questionnaire followed by a strategy sit down session online. It’s crucial that we gather as much information as possible as that will affect the rest of the SEO campaign.

SEO Audit

Our comprehensive technical Website & SEO Audit produces an in-depth report on the state of your website at this time. This is the first and foremost step that we take in our Dublin SEO services and it plays a decisive role in determining what level your website is currently at from a technical and search engine optimisation standpoint.

At the end of this stage, we provide you with a full report that outlines all the critical issues identified during the audit, as well as a complete list of strategic recommendations on how to resolve them.



Competitors Analysis

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and more so - make the same mistakes as other businesses in your industry. What’s working and what’s not has already been discovered. In order to rank your website on the first page of Google we need to study your industry leaders. At Aspire Media we strongly believe in reverse engineering - the art of studying & learning from what successful competitors are doing, do the same types of things, and then do it better! The reason being is you need to know both the strong and weak sides of your competition, and do better in all aspects relating to SEO in order to outrank them.

Our SEO team conducts a deep point-to-point comparison between you and your close competitors. This helps us spot areas for improvement.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important processes for the optimisation of your website. Our in-house Dublin experts conduct research of relevant search queries to determine the keywords that will be most suited for your site. We’ll figure out the primary, secondary and semantic keywords for each page on your website that are best for sales, marketing and content on the site.

Another vital component of the keyword research process is the study of search intent and the analysis of SERPs to discover the best opportunities and relevancy when choosing target keywords.



Initial Strategy

As soon as we identify SEO gaps and opportunities our SEO service experts compile a custom project plan spanning three to six month depending on our agreement. This includes your campaign goals, expected outcomes for each marketing channel and estimated completion time.

During the first month our SEO company will prioritise your campaign in order to accommodate the most pressing aspects of SEO. This is done to ensure that our Search Engine Optimisation efforts deliver immediate and targeted results.


Technical Optimization

Before taking on link building our Dublin SEO company needs to resolve any technical issues on your website. We complete a comprehensive technical audit to identify any problems and present them to you in a nicely formatted report.

Google promotes websites that follow their Webmaster Guidelines, which is why all technical issues need to be catered for as soon as possible.

On-Page Optimization

With our keyword research data we begin studying the contents of your website and compile recommendations for those pages that need to be updated and optimised. With your approval our team will implement these recommendations and optimise the contents and structure of your website for you.

As search engines regularly update their algorithms, we are constantly aligning with those updates and widen and optimise our SEO tactics to maintain the relevance of our clients’ websites.



Content Plan Development

The Aspire SEO team believes that organisation is key to a successful SEO campaign which is why planning content is an important task in every project. We plan all of our publications and content in advance keeping your campaign goals in mind.


Landing pages creation

Based on our targeted keyword list that we agreed on in our previous steps, our Dublin SEO company will develop new landing pages on your website. The pages will be focused on during our link building process and will act as traffic magnets for your site.

Content top generation

Using our keyword gaps analysis we assign each keyword with an organic “intent”. Based on the keyword’s purpose and organic intent within the marketing funnel our copywriters will create a content topic plan which aligns with goals and targets of each landing page on your website. Both our team and yours are involved in this process to approve the chosen topics before the work is implemented.



Outreach Based Acquisition

We employ tried and tested outreach tactics in which we send out a multitude of offers to niche websites in order to gain links back to your website. We have developed a unique project management system so our clients can observe anything and everything related to the SEO campaign, in particular links that have gone live.

Our goal is to earn a quality link back to your website, but at the end of the day we are first and foremost representing your brand’s interests and so we strive to maintain the quality of our communications with third parties on your behalf as high as possible.

Ongoing Link Building Campaign

The Aspire Media SEO company in Dublin conduct the best possible link-building campaigns. These includes blog posts on niche sites, internal blog promotion, influencer collaborations, forum interactions and much more. It is a constant process, and our team are always on the lookout for new fresh opportunities and tactics to earn link to your website.

We follow the reverse engineering model by analysing your competitors' link building efforts to understand what types of websites we can work with. From these studies we can compile lists of opportunities that we will be reaching out to during the lifespan of your SEO compaign.




At Aspire Media we have set up a system allowing you and us to track the progress of your campaign and make adjustments on the go. We monitor and analyse your analysis, keyword rankings and KPI. Our SEO experts take into account a wide variety of factors in particular keyword positions, backlink status, indexation, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, SSL status, on page errors, load speed issues, bounce rate, conversion rate, local visibility and click-through rates (CTRs).


We prepare monthly SEO reports so both you and us are aligned in terms of your campaign progress. During our consultations, we provide a comprehensive report which outlines the effectiveness of your website: keywords, general traffic and rating advances. By reporting on a monthly basis we keep you in the loop of everything that goes on in our SEO campaign and gives you an understanding of what to expect.




Our SEO process is always evolving, we are constantly correcting and manipulating our strategies with algorithm updates and new trends in mind. Search engines are dynamic, and the needs of your industry are also changing. By trusting our SEO team you are getting all the necessary corrections and can gurarantee yourself reliable management of your campaign.

"Michael and his team were absolutely excellent in helping me design and get my website up and running. They went above and beyond to make sure everything worked perfectly for me and my brand. The team designed a beautiful logo and I could not be happier with the outcome."

Susan Dwyer,
Founder @ Rise Up Women Ireland

"Michael and the team have done a fantastic job getting our website on the first page of Google for the majority of the target keywords. Aspire Media provided valuable insights and has been very helpful and knowledgeable about digital marketing. It was a pleasure working with their team."

Patrick Byrne,

"I found Aspire Media to be very professional team of social media experts and content creators. The numbers speak for themselves - in the last 4 months we gained over 7 thousand followers on Instagram through their social media services. I am delighted with the result."

Ruslan Mocharskyy,
The Art Of Coffee

"I had an awesome experience with launching our skincare line with Aspire, the website is so beautiful plus were so helpful with their design plans & budget every step of the way! Michael was amazing to work with, very professional, helpful & always happy to answer our questions."

Dan Moran,
Face Factory

"It was a pleasure working with Vlad on our website; he showed flexibility throughout the entire process. Excellent communication, addressed every need until we were happy. I highly recommend Aspire Media to anyone looking for a unique and professional website design."

Antonina Sandulescu,
Della Interiors

"The web design process was fast, efficient and straightforward. Everything was done so up to date thanks to excellent project management. The Aspire team took on board all of my feedback to create a website that looks great. Conversions grew by 13% in the first month!"

Clodagh Mullings,

"Michael and his team were there for me 24/7 to help with all my queries and requests. Such good value for the amount of work done and I am really happy with the end product. I will definitely be recommending Aspire Media to all my friends and business acquaintances."

Joe Kehoe,
Ballyowen Foods

"Fantastic outcome that I am excited to share with my customers. This was a complex project and Aspire Media did a brilliant job! We completed the final draft within just 3 iterations and I am very happy with the outcome. Highly recommended!"

Shah Turner,
Pitch Box

"Loved working with Aspire media. They were very professional, explained technical maintenance of the site and I always knew what was happening. I really appreciate their personal approach - it almost felt like they were reading my mind at times. Highly recommended!"

Lenka Govender,

Our Packages

Starter SEO


€1,400 for 3 months (-5%)
€2,600 for 6 months (-12%)
€5,000 for 12 months (-15%)
  • Website Audit & Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Up To 10 Targetted Keywords
  • Technical SEO
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • On-Site Content Writing
  • Guest Article Writing: Up To 3 Articles
  • Link Building & Brand Mentions
  • On-Page Optimisation & Implementation
  • Web Development Support
Best Seller

Competitive SEO


€2,250 for 3 months (-5%)
€4,200 for 6 months (-12%)
€8,100 for 12 months (-15%)
  • Website Audit & Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Up To 15 Targetted Keywords
  • Technical SEO
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • On-Site Content Writing: 1 Blog Post/Landing Page
  • Guest Article Writing: Up To 5 Articles
  • Link Building & Brand Mentions
  • On-Page Optimisation & Implementation
  • Web Development Support

Leading SEO


€4,200 for 3 months (-5%)
€7,900 for 6 months (-12%)
€15,200 for 12 months (-15%)
  • Website Audit & Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Up To 20 Targetted Keywords
  • Technical SEO
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • On-Site Content Writing: 2 Blog Posts/Landing Pages
  • Guest Article Writing: Up To 10 Articles
  • Link Building & Brand Mentions
  • On-Page Optimisation & Implementation
  • Web Development Support

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Why work with Aspire Media?

We get results

No company can truly guarantee that your website will be on the first page of Google, never mind on the top three results! Thanks to Google’s advanced and dynamic algorithms, search engine optimisation is becoming more and more difficult. Nevertheless we provide stable and positive ROI for our clients using white hat SEO. How do we do this? By regularly revisiting, optimising, testing and improving our SEO strategies.

We’re top reviewed

We truly value each and every one of our clients and focus on building a long-term relationships and being a trusted vendor to so many. This has resulted in 20+ verified positive reviews between Google and Facebook. Not only are we dedicated to our clients, but we also work to serve the community.

Transparency and expertise

Everything is 100% transparent. Our team develops a detailed project plan, which you have the power to modify to your taste. Our in-depth reports allow you to fully understand the effectiveness of your website, keyword rankings, and a list of completed tasks during the month.

We Do Our SEO Service In-House

A lot of SEO agencies and companies outsource work to third-party providers to save costs. At Aspire Media, our team performs their daily tasks right from our Dublin location, and if required can organise a physical meeting with you on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of ensuring your website can be found in a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) when your potential customers try to find you using keywords or phrases. This ensures your website is seen by the right audience and by doing so gaining more quality traffic leading to higher conversions (more sales).

Our digital marketing company in Dublin will ensure the visibility of your website and its contents in search engine results. When potential customers/clients search using keywords that relate to the products or services your business offers, they find your web pages in the results and may potentially click on your website link within those search results taking them to your website. This is known as ‘organic traffic’.

If the content of your web page correlates with the visitor’s needs, you have a chance at converting that visitor to a customer and in turn increase sales. Think of our SEO services in Dublin as a map or funnel, guiding the stream of potential clients to your website. This practice turns your website into one of the primary sources of generating potential clients for your business, especially in this digital innovative society.

As a rule of thumb, the majority of websites that currently reside on the second page of results can be boosted to the first page in a little over three months. For fresh websites, you will need to give approximately half a year to gain a good position on the first page for a competitive keyword. Of course, the more time and efforts that are spent on SEO tasks, the faster the results will show.

During this time, you should observe your leads and traffic to gradually and regularly increase, but the biggest win would be, when you reach the top half of the first page.

To answer this question, our SEO team would need to know more about your business. Nevertheless, we can tell you one thing for sure, based on the experience of analysing hundreds of SEO campaigns, the most prominent reason that a lot of campaigns deal with failure (and perhaps yourself in the past) is the inability to accurately calculate the work effort required to achieve results and ROI.

SEO contracts are optional and not required by Aspire Media. We operate on a month to month basis where you can cancel your SEO services by sending a cancellation notice 30 days in advance. This is required so we can stop your billing and ensure you are not billed for the next monthly cycle.

You’ll receive a ranking report outlining your website's progress in the Google SERP results every month. This provides you with certainty in the early months that although you might not be seeing more phone calls yet, that you are indeed growing forward every single week, and that we will get you to the end result that you want and need.

All of the SEO work that we are prepared to carry out for your business, is in-house at our office in Dublin. We believe that by outsourcing SEO work you are giving up the ability to control the quality of the service. We found that content writing, search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, link building, email marketing, etc. is easy to do with a kick-ass in-house team.

When you work with a local search engine optimiser, they will likely be focused on improving the search rating of your website in a specific geographical area. When our team launches a local search campaign, we usually work on page speed updates, Google My Business, local search engine guidelines, local keyword analysis around search volume, and brand awareness locally. During a national SEO campaign, we are multiplying the work, especially link building. To increase the rating of your website on a national level you will need to boost the authority of your website by creating inbound links.

Even though many SEO companies guarantee first place rankings, the final decision maker is Google itself, and not a single SEO company has any relation to Google. Again, the relationship between a guarantee for top rankings and shady SEO companies is strong enough that Google recommends running away.

We can guarantee however our undivided dedication, knowledge and motivation to work harder than anyone else to get you the result your business needs.

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