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100% Guaranteed Results, Or You Get Your Money Back: We guarantee these average results because our clients typically achieve results far greater than this. We’re the only agency confident enough to actually offer a "money back" guarantee.

The SEO Sprints Framework Designed For Success


Sprint 1 – Baseline: 1 Week

Our first port of call is to get access to all of your tools & platforms. We run a Website Quality Audit to get an high level look at the structure and where you are currently with your website. We finish up the week with by an onboarding call to learn more about your business, and discuss what you’d like to achieve or improve.


Sprint 2 – Strategy: 2 Weeks

The Strategy Sprint is all about building the foundations which are going to make this campaign a success. It involves discovering potential keywords, reverse engineering your industry competitors, running a number of highly comprehensive audits to formulate a solid strategy. This sprint is concluded with a Brainstorming Session where we present our findings, approve your target keywords & strategy, go through our plan in detail so that we are on the same page moving forward.


Sprint 3 – Boost: 3 Weeks

Armed with all the data and knowledge that we had gathered so far, our team of nerds swoop in to make all the necessary changes and optimisations to your website and its existing pages whether that be improving content, keyword optimisation, technical fixes, implement conversion optimisation across the website.

The result? A fully optimised website ready for page 1 rankings!


Sprint 4 – Content: 20 Weeks

We double down on new ranking opportunities and implement them by publishing new content on a regular basis, targeted towards at keywords that are currently outside the scope of your website.


Sprint 5 – Authority: 20 Weeks

Now that your website is optimised and ready for page one rankings, we need to work on gaining massive authority, as this is the key to driving real growth. The Authority Sprint involves a high quality link building campaign and sourcing high quality backlinks through our technique stack including guest posting and link insertion strategies.

Check Out Some of The Results We have Achieved for our clients


Yearly Revenue Growth from Organic Search


Increase in Organic Leads



Hilltoptreks is considered a successful and well known company in their industry. However, they had a difficult time scaling the business when it came to the online world.

When the 2020 season came, it became apparent that competitors had swooped in and managed to gain the upper hand, and so traffic, along with relevant leads significantly decreased in volume.Being that the business was of seasonal nature, our task was to overcome this setback as quickly as possible and find a viable solution for the improvement of search rankings for appropriate terms while the season's offerings were still in demand.

The Result

Using the Google Search Console tool & SEMRush, we were able to identify keywords that had great potential. We knew that by optimising targeted landing pages for the right sets of terms we would be likely able to increase visibility & organic traffic, so this seemingly simple approach allowed us to improve ranking positions for over 50 "money" keywords.

Our high quality link building campaign, along with very precise targeting led to a drastic increase in organic traffic & users by an impressive 126% compared to the previous year. Because we focused on terms that had a rather low monthly search volume, but had the correct intent, we began to bring in more conversions for these keywords, which translated to more sales for the business.

In fact, we increased organic revenue by 182% and increased transactions by 352% within a mere 12 months. Because the return on investment in SEO was clearly apparent, the team at Hilltoptreks had no problem continuing to work with us.

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Service-based business


Terry Lambert


increase in organic clicks


overall lead growth


Industry Relevant Keywords in Top 3 of Google

Print Ready is a big player in the printing industry capitalising on their 20 years of experience in the field to provide their customers with a range of printing solutions. They are renowned for their high quality of service as well as the unique ability to perfectly adapt to any residential or commercial need.

Despite their wide range of products, great customer reviews and a pristine level of service, the client found that they were missing out on a huge audience, online, searching for their products. As other competitors in the space began heavily investing into online marketing, in particular SEO & Google Ads, Print Ready noticed that they were starting to fall behind.

The Result

For far too long competitors were taking top spots on Google. Aspire Media delivered onsite efforts which helped Print Ready reach the top of Google rankings. Our targeted optimisation approach meant we focused on visibility where it mattered, for the most profitable keywords.

Since launching the SEO campaign 12 months ago, 50+ keywords are now ranking on page 1 of Google, 30 high-conversion keywords are ranking in top 3 spots, and organic traffic have increased by 843%!

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Print Ready


Service-based business


Gary Bermingham


Increase in indexed organic keywords


Increase in Form Submissions


Increase in Conversions

Ashfield College a private post-primary school offering preparation & grinds services for the leaving certificate exams. In spite of the fact that Ashfield College is a well established college with a great marketing budget, their website wasn't optimised and it didn't rank for any important keywords on Google. When their team initially reached out to us their website generated very little organic traffic and hardly any leads.

The Result

Our team researched the most appropriate and trending keywords to target within their niche, analysed competitors and optimised the website. With this strategy, we are proud to say that since the beginning of our partnership, Ashfield College's organic traffic grew by 75% and form submissions increased by 762% from organic search with 8 of its keywords ranking in top 3 positions on Google Search. We also recommended creating new landing pages for targeted keywords which helped increase conversions by 61% over the last 8 months.

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Ashfield College


Service-based business

Marketing Director

Philip Smith


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in New Users


Industry Relevant Keywords on Page 1 of Google

First Aid Direct has a trusted reputation with their customer base across Dublin & beyond. The problem was, they had been operating primarily offline and mostly relied on traditional marketing, repeating customers and referrals. The company needed to build their online presence from scratch and catch up to competitors. As a first aid course provider in Ireland, they were up against a hefty, competitive landscape. On top of this, their website (despite having great content on it) was ranking for 0 keywords, driving 0 organic traffic, and had a Domain Rating of 0.1 in AHREFS.

The Result

Within 6 months of working together, we accelerate the growth of our client’s website substantially. By targeting relevant and practical keywords FAD had grown from 0 monthly organic sessions to over 145% compared to their previous year. They’ve also ended up ranking for 120 keywords (and climbing) with 6 of them on page 1 of Google. While their results are still improving, we’ve seen incredible jumps in growth.

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First Aid Direct


Service-based business


Frank O'Connor

We Practice What We Preach! Did you Know that we rank #1 on google ourselves?

Meet The SEO Experts Who'll Be Working With You

Michael Saly, Head of Growth

Michael comes from a web background, having accumulated vast industry experience through working with businesses both big and small over the past six years. His knowledge of technical SEO & habit of constantly monitoring Google algorithm updates will guarantee that your business will always be on par with the current standards & trends. In his spare time, Michael helps out as a lab assistant at his university.

Vlad Zhyvytskiy, Chief Operations Officer

Vlad is a diehard marketer. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs who ran a small company, and over the past seven years of his career Vlad has been actively working with clients on a both consultative & done-for-you bases helping them overcome their digital needs & challenges. When he’s not behind his (impressive) ergonomically friendly workstation, he can be found in the pool coaching at his local swimming club.

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