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website maintenance services

Web Maintenance Services Built for Your Business

Aspire Media have a well-rounded, knowledgeable team at hand to help your business maintain its website in terms of performance, engagement and optimisation. We ensure your website is running seamlessly to allow you to conduct business in an efficient and effective way that suits your needs. With recent years seeing a massive rise in businesses utalising online platforms and websites to meet company goals and objectives, it is more critical now than ever before to make sure that your website is up to speed with what is expected by your customers.

Here at Aspire, we understand that the online world is ever changing, meaning that what was acceptable and working for a website today, may not be tomorrow. The online world moves fast, so we need to keep up with it as best as we can. With this in mind, we always put you and business first to ensure your website constantly meets your customers needs and allows for seamless clickstreams. We create a tailored plan for your organisation’s website maintenance that covers every aspect related to your businesses needs. We provide website maintenance in Dublin, that is reliable, fast and results driven.

Website Maintenance Packages & Pricing

The Basics


€420 for 12 months
  • Wordpress Plugin & Version Upgrades
  • Weekly Full Site (content & database) Backups
  • Hack/Virus Recovery
Best Seller

Team Player


€1,300 for 12 months (2 Months Free)
  • Wordpress Plugin & Version Upgrades
  • Weekly Full Site (content & database) Backups
  • Hack/Virus Recovery
  • Site Performance Optimisation
  • Up To 2 hours Support / Design / Development Time
  • 48 Hour Task Turnaround
  • Email & Phone Support M-F 9am-5pm
  • WooCommerce Support

After Hours


€3,250 for 12 months (2 Months Free)
  • Wordpress Plugin & Version Upgrades
  • Weekly Full Site (content & database) Backups
  • Hack/Virus Recovery
  • Site Performance Optimisation
  • Up To 5 Hours Support / Design / Development Time
  • 24 Hour Task Turnaround
  • Email & Phone Support M-F 9am-5pm
  • WooCommerce Support

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I've worked with Aspire for over 6 months now and these are the results so far. From the beginning, they set realistic goals and timelineс for when we could see an increase in rankings, traffic and leads. I receive a clear SEO report at the end of each month where I can easily monitor my progress. After 6 months the team increased my website's traffic from zero to 200 organic monthly visits and ranked a number of keywords on the top of Google search. Outstanding results, definitely the best SEO company in Dublin!

Eoghan Flynn,
Motor Buyer

Great experience with this agency, worked on SEO for me for several sites. Saw huge increases in rank for relevant keywords we targeted. Good communication and consulting provided also.

Philip Smith,
Ashfield College

An absolute pleasure to work with, they listened and translated our vision into a website so beautifully and seamlessly we couldn’t be happier. Amazing communication & attention to detail. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Aspire Media for any of your tech needs.

Tetyana Maryshko

I was looking for local Dublin based company to design and develop a site for my cleaning company. The results of the work are superior and worth every cent of investment! Love the customer service and web design services from these guys!

Ion Tanasa,
Be Clean Solutions

It was a pleasure to work with Aspire Media on our website. Knowledgeable, understanding and generous with their time, aftercare is second to none! We feel very lucky and well supported to have chosen Aspire Media and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Owner @ Donnybrook Bikes

It was a pleasure working with Vlad on our website; he showed flexibility throughout the entire process. Excellent communication, addressed every need until we were happy. I highly recommend Aspire Media to anyone looking for a unique and professional website design.

Antonina Sandulescu,
Della Interiors

We have been working with the guys in Aspire for over a year now and they have dramatically improved our online position. Due to their work, we have generated new leads, new sales and have built up a whole new customer base. They said at the start to trust the process and they were right. They are a pleasure to work with, they know their stuff and they are fair and transparent with their fees. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to climb up the rankings.

Gary Bermingham,
Print Ready

What do website maintenance services include?

We have a specailised team of web experts who have vast experience in keeping websites maintained for optimum results. We understand that every organisation may have different demands when it comes to their WordPress website maintenance services, so to ensure you meet your results at the end of each year, we tailor our solutions completely around you.

Knowing that you have a team of web experts to fall back on when it comes to keeping your website maintained, well kept and relevant, can be a huge relief. Our Dublin website maintenance services allows you and your team to focus your attention elsewhere and lets us deal with the technical work. Our comprehensive website maintenance plans include the following:

It is really important for businesses' websites to be updated regularly in order to not only run well, but to stay relevant among your business’s target audiences. Keeping on track with updates that need to be done on a website can be timely and tedious, but with our help, you can concentrate on more important tasks and leave the nitty-gritty bits to us! Our team of website developers will dive into your site and ensure that it is kept up to date, looking its best and is running smoothly.

Having a website that is regularly maintained and kept well is also attractive for customers who may be used to viewing the same websites, with no updates day in and day out. Having good engagement and interaction on a website is critical to the success of your online business, and maintaining your website regularly is a great way of doing so.

Regular website maintenance updates can include anything from adding or removing text, images, pages or links, as well as basic navigation modifications, file downloads and videos. Whatever work needs to be done to your site to keep it relevant, you can trust our skilled web development team at Aspire to do a great job.

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems (CMS) around. In fact, it is likely that your business's website was built using WordPress, even though you may not have even realised it. At Aspire, we have a team of WordPress experts that are fully equipped to tackle any WordPress updates or concerns your business may have.

For many employees at businesses, knowing the ins and outs of content management systems like WordPress is way out of their expertise, and that’s why we are here. Although WordPress is quite user friendly as CMS’s go, if you are unfamiliar with the behind the scenes workings of your site, not to worry, our web developers can take it from here. We will ensure that the backend of your WordPress is up to date and allows users to have a great experience while on your website.

Our WordPress maintenance plans at Aspire Media also include tech support for your business. This can include any technical challenges or difficulties your organisation may be experiencing, from figuring out how to add an item to a website menu, to having issues with your email. Our experienced team of web developers love nothing more than a challenge, so tackling your queries and concerns about all things technical is something we are more than happy to do at Aspire.

website hosting services

Website hosting

Website hosting includes all the activity around housing, serving and maintaining files for your website. Website hosting can be a complex and confusing task to someone who does not speaslise in this area, but our expert web developing team at Aspire is equipped with the skills and knowledge to successfully complete secure and fast website hosting as part of your website maintenance.

Our website hosting maintenance even comes with a free SSL certificate, which essentially authenticates your website’s identity and enables connection to be encrypted, which allows users to browse, or do business on your website safely and securely.

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Why Is It Important to Do Website Maintenance?

Many businesses make the unfortunate mistake of thinking once a website is set up, it never again needs to be looked at. In today's digital world, websites need to be maintained and updated regularly in order to stay relevant not only to your target audience, but to search engines like Google! A healthy and maintained website is also a great way to enhance customer journeys for your audience and even helps to retain customers. Maintaining a website on a regular basis may be the answer to many of your business issues.


Maintaining your website will ensure it stays safe and secure. Most people who shop, or do any type of business online are concerned about the security of the website, and the safety of their data and information. Having a website that is safe and secure to view and do business on also builds trust and credibility between you and your audience.

Keeping a website secure may seem like a complicated task, but a simple regular website maintenance check can do your site wonders for ensuring the data your website contains remains secure, which will keep your audience happy and allow them to browse your site safely.

Customer Attraction/Engagement

When it comes to websites and online platforms, it is important to remember that your target audience is bombarded with countless amounts of content every single day. That is why it is essential for your website to stand out as much as possible, and to encourage engagement that will result in an increase of conversions and other important KPIs.

Staying on top of current trends online will help your website remain relevant, and this can be done by utalising our top class website developers at Aspire who have the know-how on increasing customer engagement and attraction on websites to increase and over deliver on results. Leave it up to us to maintain your website and you can rest assured that your audience will appreciate the upkeep and thus, see an increase in attraction and engagement.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting found online has become increasingly difficult for organisations due to the sheer amount of content on the internet. Knowing how to appear high on the search engine results page (SERP) is a skill in itself, and should be taken seriously if your organisation has ambitions of increasing important KPIs. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be aided by regular website maintenance, asimply because Google loves to see websites that are kept fresh and tidy. If you leave your website becoming outdated and irrelevant to consumers, you can expect to find your website way down the SERP.

People who search for information online want to find it fast, so, with that in mind, they often will only click onto the two three links that Google gives them back from a search query. That means in order to have an impressive amount of website visitors, your website needs to be on top of the SERP. This can be easily achieved by allowing our professional website team at Aspire assist your organisation in maintaining your website on a regular basis.

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What don’t website maintenance services include?

Our website maintenance plans include everything you need to ensure your website is kept up to date and relevant, but it is important to note that our Ireland maintenance plans do not include some bulkier tasks, such as the following:

  • Content writing
  • Adding new functionality to website
  • Creating media content
  • Editing media content
  • Redesigning website navigation
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing
  • Redesigning of website
  • Dealing with interactive features of site
web maintenance services