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What is Link Building & Why Does it Matter in 2022

Written by

Sarah O'Mahoney

Posted on March 26, 2022

In 2022, being visible to your audience online is super important if you want to stay relevant to your customer base, as well as to be able to continue to meet and even exceed sales and lead targets. Investing time into search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways to rank high on search engines. If you are unfamiliar with SEO, it is essentially the activity of optimising your website in a way that satisfies Google’s requirements to rank high on the search engine results page (SERP). SEO includes a wide range of different techniques such as updating content, keyword research, as well as link building, which is one of the most important techniques to your SEO strategy.

Link building is the activity focused on acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own in order to enhance your search engine optimisation strategy and brand awareness.

So, by now you may be wondering, what is link building!? Link building is the activity focused on acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own in order to enhance your search engine optimisation strategy and brand awareness. Search engines like Google love to see website’s with relevant and credible links and will rank these sites higher than website’s that don’t have strong links on the search engine results page. This blog article is going to explore link building and hopefully set you up to create a great link building strategy that earns your business more website traffic and conversions!

How Does It Work?

Link building is a process that takes time, but is well worth the investment if you stick with it. Simply put, link building works on the basis of receiving links from other websites to make your website more relevant. It is important to remember that link building will work best when the links are coming from websites that are seen as well established and that have good credibility. The source of the link your website receives needs to be of good quality for Google to take it into consideration when ranking websites. With this in mind, your link building strategy needs to aim to acquire great quality links over quality.

Unfortunately, Google is able to outsmart us, and can recognise with ease when websites have spammed low quality website links. In fact, your website will be punished for engaging in any black hat link building, and you can expect to see a large drop in your websites ranking on the SERP.

How Do I Build External Links?

Creating Valuable Content

One of the best ways to build external links to your website is to make your site super valuable. If your organisation’s website has content that your target audience can get value from, other websites will be a lot more inclined to link to it. It’s important to remember that a strong link building strategy will enable your organisation to reach a much larger audience. This is essential to keep in mind when you are creating content for your webpage, because it will be seen by a much larger audience from your industry with the help of link building.

Consider Your Business Relationships

Another great way to build links is by reaching out to organisations who you do business with already. Having a prior relationship means that trust and credibility have been established. Consider if any of your company’s current partners, distributors or sponsors could link to your website.

Conduct Insightful Research

Conducting interesting research in your field can be an excellent way to build backlinks to your website. Research papers are documents that are highly referenced throughout the internet, making them the perfect opportunity to grow backlinks. If your website is all about food for example, why not conduct research into how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way consumers eat? This is an example that would interest a large cohort of people, therefore enabling your website to generate some great quality links.

Advantages of Link Building to Your Business

Other than contributing to better rankings on the SERP, link building has many other great benefits that should entice you into creating a strong link building strategy today!

Increased Website Traffic

Seeing as link building allows your organisation to be discovered by new internet users through their favourite websites, your business can expect to see a steady increase in website traffic if good quality links to your site have been created. It should be noted that this will not happen overnight and requires patience, but once the strategy is starting to work, increased website traffic can be enjoyed by you and your team.

Brand Awareness

Along with increased website traffic, your organisation can also benefit from an increase in brand awareness. External links are a great way to get your brand name out there and in front of the right people. If websites with a similar demographic audience link to your website, your organisation automatically is known to a larger group of potential customers you may not have reached otherwise.

Increased Sales

Above all else, many businesses have a goal to increase sales. When another website in the same industry links to your website, you immediately have access to more people who may potentially make a purchase on your website meaning that with the help of link building, your company will see sales growth overtime.


To wrap up, if link building is something that you have never considered before, or maybe it has been put on your forgotten to-do list, now is the time to invest in link building. With SEO becoming more important than ever, having a strong link building strategy will aid your organisation to rank higher than competition, as well as meet objectives and exceed targets. If you are looking for a way to increase brand awareness, improve your website traffic, as well as see growth in your sales figures, link building is a technique most definitely worth checking out.

If you need a helping hand with creating a strong link building strategy that gets results, we can help! Check out our link building services to see how we can aid you in developing great quality links that get you on top!

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