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Write For Us (SEO)

At Aspire Media, we aim to create, discover and share the most valuable digital marketing content with our audience. Keeping up with the latest trends in your industry can be difficult, but by hearing from multiple voices within that industry, you can stay ahead of the curve and develop your own successful strategy.

If you're an expert in SEO or a freelance writer, we'd love to have you contribute to our blog! Check out our writing guidelines for more information.

Our Digital Marketing & SEO Guest Post Guidelines

Target Audience

Aspire Media focuses on small and medium business owners, CEO, CMO, Sales, and Marketing leaders with digital marketing and sales-related content.

What We’re Looking For

  • We accept only unique high-quality content with a minimum of 1500 words long
  • We will only publish content that revolves around Content Marketing and SEO
  • A clear target keyword must be mentioned and the use of long-tail keywords throughout your article
  • You can include 1 backlink to your website in the body of the article
  • External links are accepted only to informational pages and content
  • Include 1-2 internal links to other Aspire Media blogs and pages where possible

We prefer these types of content

  • Step-by-step guides – an article teaching the basics in a user-friendly manner
  • Case studies – your own research or analysis that is based on real data
  • Evergreen educational content – a post explaining the basics of SEO with examples and practical tips.

Link Insertion

Aspire Media has started accepting link insertions in the existing articles. Make sure that you back up your claims with the best possible relevant links to valuable resources.

Write For Us - ''SEO'' ''Digital Marketing'' Accepted Topics

Here are the following Digital Marketing Guest Post Topics that we Accept:

  • SEO – Rankings & Algorithm
  • SEO – Strategy
  • SEO – SEO Services
  • SEO – Technical SEO
  • SEO – On-Page SEO
  • SEO – Off-Page SEO
  • SEO – Local SEO
  • Digital Marketing – Social Media
  • Digital Marketing – Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing – Online Presence

How the process works:

  • Send your pitch to hello@aspiremedia.ie
  • Submit at least 3 topic ideas inside the email along with a brief outline of each

Please be patient with us because our SEO guest post approval may take 5-7 business days to respond.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Become our regular contributor

In addition to qualified guest bloggers, we are seeking individuals who would like to contribute content to our SEO blog on a long-term and consistent basis.

If you are passionate about writing and think your style might be a good fit for our blog, we would love to hear from you! We offer competitive rates for paid posts.

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